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Dec 9, 2013 9:00pm EST
revenue. no major taxes. kicking the can down the road. >> you heard that right. no push to tackle the major long-term issues. they want to trim automatic spending cuts. that is the sequestration. we are going back on the self imposed budget cuts that were meant to force washington to get tough on spending. that is the mo. republicans have been expecting he would come through. >> i would give the lowest grade to republicans to ryan. he is proving he is a fiscal fake. it is his job to stand up and tell the truth. when he says we can raise spending for defense back to the pre-sequester level or domestic, that is evidence we're going in the wrong direction. >> ouch, paul ryan, that has to hurt. he was president reagan's top budget man. they're supposed to be in ryan's corner. stockman says going back on the sequestration is a load of, you decide. >> it is a washington beltway lie that we cannot live it with a six hundred billion of outlays for defense. 50% more than we had in 2000. we had no new industrial in the -- enemies with us since then 200 billion more than bill clinton left in tod
Dec 6, 2013 12:00pm EST
federal, state, and local taxes. something you do not want to do after a night of drinking whiskey. ski jumping. today's mystery meat. world cup ski jumping event. the jumpers sailed more than the length of a football field. let's watch. ♪ >> let's get you caught up on where stocks are now. we do have stock raking the five-day losing streak and rallying today. this is different than you have seen. in recent days, you get better than estimated economic data, we have had stocks pull back as on deals go higher on the perception the federal reserve will begin tapering the stimulus. -- we have theot two year yield higher. what to make of all of this? there is less than a month left in the year and the markets have been doing very well. joining me now to dive into what could be next is the chief a bankent strategist at visiting us from chicago. good to see you in person. what do you make of today's jobs report and the reaction we are seeing not only in stocks but also bonds? qwest this is a fascinating day that market made up their mind and growth is good. they are not fearing the tape
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2